2021 Menlo Circus Club Schedule

South Bay Polo at Menlo Circus Club



South Bay Polo is excited to announce the following chukkers at the Menlo Circus Club:

Season Club Chukker Schedule:  Starting May 2, 2021 through August 29, 2021

Sunday chukkers at Menlo except for Mother’s Day Weekend and Father’s Day weekend.  We will play on Saturday these weekends and Sunday at South Bay. No polo July 4th. Chukkers will be moved to Friday evening on July 2nd and July 30th.

OPTION #1 – 2-Goal League

  • This league will be fast and fun! In order to keep it safe, all players must meet a certain ability level to participate. Please contact Fran if you are interested in being considered for this league.  The cost is $2200/month per player. This includes the pro fees and field fees, but excludes horse rental and transportation. We encourage players to commit to all 4 months and 4 chukkers every Sunday (or find someone to split a position with).  Play begins at 12:00PM.

OPTION #2 – Coaching League

  • This league will play with pros on the Menlo field immediately following the 2-goal league. This will be for players that recently graduated from the South Bay academy and those that are not quite ready for the fast 2-goal league. Please contact Fran if you’re interested in playing in this. The cost will be $850/month for 2 chukkars per Sunday (includes field and pro fees, excludes horse transport and leasing). We need a minimum of 3 players for 2 chukkars each for this league.

South Bay will also be hosting a Polo Academy Session at Menlo Circus Club for anyone interested in learning to play. Click here for all the details.