We founded South Bay Polo to provide the opportunity for “Common Folk” to enjoy “The Sport of Kings”.  And Gilroy is the perfect place.  We can take the sideline watcher and turn them into players within a few months.  We can develop the abilities of the best players around with the pros we have available.

Packages are available.

Private Lesson: (see note below for attire and equipment)

$100 / Hour including horse
$70 / Hour excluding horse

Notes for Lessons:
What you will need-

  • Helmet – (Helmets are REQUIRED for all mounted activities. If you do not own a polo helmet, you can use a regular riding helmet. If you do not own a riding helmet, we will allow you to use a bike helmet for the first lesson, but recommend you arrange for a certified riding/polo helmet for your next lesson.
  • Jeans or breeches
  • Polo Boots (or boots with a heel and chaps/half chaps.)
  • Knee Guards – Knee guards are not required for lessons or clinics. However,  we highly recommend wearing them.
  • Mallets – We can provide mallets if you do not have your own
  • Gloves/Whip –  Optional, but highly recommended

If you need to purchase equipment, we can provide them to you at the most competitive prices available.  Just ask.