NYTS 2015

On May 30, South Bay Polo hosted the united States Polo Association’s National Youth tournament Series.  Two teams of youths battled it out for the chance to qualify to go to the National Championship in Denver over the Labor day weekend.  The teams were as follows:

South Bay Polo
Jillian Tietje
Cassidy Wood
Petra Tiexeira
Camilla McFall
JDK Ranch
Sayge Lawrence-Ellington
Tommy Costello
Charlie Campbell
Mark White
It was a battle of the girls vs. the boys!  In the end, the girls (South Bay Polo) came out victorious.  What was quite surprising was not only the level of play, and aggressiveness, but there were just but a couple penalties called in the whole match, which is a testament to the good sportsmanship of all the players.  Good luck in Denver!!
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