Summer Polo Clinics & Lessons

Looking to try something new this summer? Check out our polo clinics for kids and adults! Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics of riding and hitting through one-on-one coaching and group drills, and then you’ll get to play a chukker with our instructors participating and umpiring so you can learn this exciting game through experience!

Private Lessons
Are you serious about learning the sport of polo, or do you just want to come check it out to see what all the hype is about? Schedule a private or semi-private lesson with one of our polo instructors! Great to try with a friend, no riding or polo experience necessary! Lessons include the use of one of our seasoned and safe lesson ponies and an hour of private instruction in riding for polo, swing mechanics and the rules of the game.

$100 – Includes horse and equipment
$70 – with your own horse

Clinics for Adults
Our group clinics for adults will be held on Friday evenings, followed by cocktails and a social hour by the field. Invite your friends to watch you play and join us for cocktails, a perfect summer evening!

$120 – includes horse, equipment, lesson and supervised chukka with our instructors

Clinics for Kids
Our group clinics for kids will be held once a week, on Saturday mornings from 9AM to 10:30AM. Kids ages 9 to 16 are welcome. South Bay chukkers start at 11AM, so the whole family can stick around, watch some fast polo and enjoy our weekly asado barbeque with our club members.

Space is limited, so email now now to reserve your spot!

Notes for Lessons:
What you will need-

  • Helmet – (Helmets are REQUIRED for all mounted activities. If you do not own a polo helmet, you can use a regular riding helmet. If you do not own a riding helmet, we will allow you to use a bike helmet for the first lesson, but recommend you arrange for a certified riding/polo helmet for your next lesson.
  • Jeans or breeches
  • Polo Boots (or boots with a heel and chaps/half chaps.)
  • Knee Guards – Knee guards are not required for lessons or clinics. However,  we highly recommend wearing them.
  • Mallets – We can provide mallets if you do not have your own
  • Gloves/Whip –  Optional, but highly recommended

If you need to purchase equipment, we can provide them to you at the most competitive prices available.  Just ask.

It is required that all players have submitted a signed Release and Indemnification Agreement prior to mounting up.

You can download the agreement by clicking this link: SOUTH BAY POLO RELEASE


Completing this form prior to arrival to South Bay Polo will speed up the process and your consideration is appreciated.